A pink-haired perverse girl-next-door named Penny  (Tali Custer) gets wrapped up in a devastating love affair with a disturbed genius named Mira (Jessica Cadden Osborne). The more Mira falls down the rabbit hole of sex, violence and drugs, the more the lines between reality and dreams begin to blur.  Together, Penny and Mira get sucked into an inner dreamworld haunted by a host of dangerous and beautiful women. 

Devastated by Mira's deadly choices, Penny is forced to face the cold, harsh reality of responsibility and adulthood.

'Heaven is Now' is currently being shopped around and pitched for festival and distribution deals.

"Director, Writer, and Auteur Audrey Lorea pioneers a new type of cinema that immerses an audience into a realm where science fiction, love, and dark sensuality bleed together, leaving behind a distinct candy-coated desire for more."
- Tartarus Magazine

Written + Directed         by Audrey Lorea

Executive ProduceRS:

Clarke Mayer, Edward Leung, Audrey Lorea


 Jessica Cadden Osborne, Tali Custer


Frances Brennand Roper, Jack Gattanella, Daniel Mathews, Risa Pappas, Katie Gamelli, Eric Contractor